Dedi Felman is a writer / director born and raised in the wilds of New Jersey.

She loves criminally-minded characters, unapologetically flawed females, and whip-smart women on adventures. Her favorite stories confront human truths with a sense of humor, whether they be grounded sci-fi, mystery-thrillers, or heists.

Dedi attended the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting and was in the inaugural class of the HBO Access Writing Fellowship, where she discovered her passion for directing. She was selected as a Blackmagic Collective Directing Actors Fellow in 2022 and a Blackmagic Collective Producing Fellow in 2023.

Her latest short, Take Good Care, a sci-fi dramedy about aging, ambition, family, and love, premiered at Hollyshorts and screened at Burbank International Film Festival. It will screen at New Filmmakers LA in January.

Her first short, the award-winning Emotional State, a sci-fi crime drama, allowed her to pursue her two cinematic loves, world building and working with exciting talent, in a story that explores the freedom that can accompany expressing our anger and grief. Dog4Life, a short where the entire filmmaking team got very creative on a non-existent budget, flips the script as a despairing filmmaker discovers her resilience–with a little help from her crafty dog. Allegiance, a psychological thriller about a North Korean female kidnapper, explored the perils of blind loyalty.

Dedi’s currently in development on two features, “American Holler,” a female-driven heist film, and the feature version of “Take Good Care,” .

When she’s not pursuing her directing passions, Dedi can be found hiking Mandeville Canyon with her two beloved rescue pups.